My name is Jenya Polosina, I am an illustrator from Kyiv, Ukraine.
I usually work with social themes. Of all topics, I prefer those related to human rights, from investigations about torture in prisons to graphic reports from the Kyiv Pride march. I draw for media, books, NGOs, and a variety of other clients. I also have many personal projects.
In 2015, my partner Anna Ivanenko and I co-founded the Seri\graph studio. Together we make screenprints, zines, and different visual projects.
There is a war in my home today, so most of my current illustrations are about this. So at the top of my website, you can find a link with info on how to help Ukraine in the war with Russia.
New Statesman, Greenpeace Poland, MFA of Ukraine, The Globe and Mail, Forbs, UN IOM, STRAPAZIN, Hyperallergic, Silpo, Intertop, The Babel, International Convention Center "Ukrainian House",  Old Lion Publishing, LGBTQ military, etc.