Cat, Rooster, Cupboard 
Oleksandr Mykhed
The Old Lion Publishing House

Cat, Rooster and Cupboard are like fairy tales, but at the same time very real - they were rescued and preserved in Borodyantsi near Kyiv, which was destroyed by Russian shelling. Ready to fight and warn of danger, in this fairy tale they protect the universe of one family - grandmother Liza, uncle Andriy and grandson Sonya - a family that cycles through history from generation to generation and in the end becomes stronger than ever. Warmed by the warmth of grandfather's hands, the Cupboard, the Rooster and the rescued Cat embody strength and indomitability, protect the family and give hope. This is hope for a future in which the wounds will be healed, but the memory of the evil committed will live forever. In the future, after our victory.

2023 - Bologna Children's Book Fair - THE BRAW AMAZING BOOKSHELF 
2023 - The Nami Island International Picture Book Illustration Concours - Green Island